Step 2. Measure and Initial Design

Now that you have decided to add Heirloom Wood Countertops to your kitchen, you will need to make an initial measurement of your countertop. The Home Depot will need these measurements to estimate the projected price of your countertop project. To measure your countertops, follow the instructions below.

  1. Make a simple sketch of your kitchen layout.
  2. Section your drawing into simple rectangles and squares, numbering them 1, 2, 3, etc.
  3. Measure each section, recording length and width.Length: Measure along the wall from one edge to the opposite edge.Width: Measure from the back wall* to the finished front edge.* If the existing countertop has a backsplash, factor in the thickness in your width dimension.
  4. Add the sections together to calculate the total square inches.
  5. Divide the total square inches by 144 to get total square ft.

For the example above:

Countertop Section 1: 120 x 25.5 = 3060 sq in
Countertop Section 2: 72 x 25.5 = 1836 sq in
Countertop Section 3: 24 x 25.5 = 612 sq in
Countertop Section 4: 34 x 48 = 1632 sq in
Total Countertop 7140 sq in ÷ 144 = 49.6 square feet
Countertop Section 5: 120 x 4 = 480 sq in
Total Backsplash 480 sq in ÷ 144 = 3.3 square feet
Total in Square Feet   52.9 square feet

For an estimate of your project, complete your project measurements as described above and visit your local The Home Depot to meet with a kitchen designer. Make sure you also bring in any design ideas for layout changes you are considering in your kitchen or bathroom.

The Home Depot Kitchen Designer will prepare an initial quote for your countertop project.
After your payment is received, an installation professional will complete a professional
template of your countertop. The final price of your countertop project will be determined
after the template has been completed.

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