Step 4. Fabrication

Heirloom Wood Countertops are custom made, furniture-grade products that will stand up to use in a busy household. Each countertop is uniquely constructed according to your order specifications. This process takes approximately four weeks.

The fabrication process begins at the mill. Lumber is ordered specific to each countertop order and once received, it is moisture-tested to ensure that the moisture level is within the acceptable range for the given species. 

After the lumber is planed to an even thickness and then cut to the specified width, it is laid out in a pleasing pattern and glued to create a solid countertop surface. After the solid countertop surface is sanded, a CNC machine cuts out the countertop shape and profiles the edges. Once the countertop has been constructed, it is assembled in the shop and finish-sanded. Distressing takes place at this point, if necessary.

The last step in the fabrication process is the application of a protective finish. Heirloom Wood Countertops are sealed and finished with a Tung Oil varnish. The Tung Oil applied to Heirloom Wood Countertops is a penetrating oil that dries and hardens, giving the countertop the look and feel of fine furniture and making it completely waterproof. The finish resists most stains and is highly resistant to heat. Please refer to the Care and Maintenance Guide for instructions on re-oiling your countertop.

The finished countertop is shipped to your professional The Home Depot installer in a crate, built custom for each countertop order.

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