Step 1. Countertop Selection

Pick a wood species compatible with the décor of your home.

Your Heirloom Wood Countertop will have unique, natural variation. They are natural products so variation is common and an intrinsic aspect of the beauty of wood. 

Get a sample! Use samples as a reference. Color, grain, knots, mineral streaks, figure and appearance will vary as nature intended.

Determine whether you would like distressing.

Distressing is an option that gives you countertop the appearance that it has been in use for approximately 20 years. It provides a more rustic or antique look. 

Determine what type of edge you would like.

Heirloom Wood Countertops are available with several different edge profiles.
If you don’t like any of the standard choices, ask your professional The Home
Depot Kitchen Designer about additional edge options.

Example edge profile shown with and without the Distressing option:

Decide on a sink style.

Whether you choose a drop-in, undermount sink, vessel sink or farmhouse sink, you must provide your Heirloom Wood Countertop installer with the sink template. Be sure to purchase your sink before you begin your countertop project.

Determine what design features you would like to add to your countertop.

Combine unique shapes with complex edge profiles. Use wood grain direction to achieve a
distinctive look in corners. Add stainless steel set down rods as an attractive
accent and to protect areas adjacent to a stove or cook-top. Heirloom Wood Countertops
can be molded and shaped to create endless design possibilities. Your imagination is
your only limitation.

Next Step: Measure and Initial Design