Why Choose Heirloom Wood Countertops?

  • Beautiful and Durable
    Brings a timeless quality to the kitchen, adding classic elegance and beauty to any décor.
  • Easy to Maintain
    Wood is simple to clean with a mild, ammonia-free detergent and disinfect with a vinegar/water solution. To refresh Heirloom Wood Countertops, simply re-oil every two to three years, depending on level of use.
  • Waterproof
    Heirloom Wood is finished with penetrating waterproof oil that repels moisture while adding a rich, satin finish.
  • Heat Resistant
    Heirloom Wood Countertops are very heat resistant and modern appliances such as drop in stoves are a beautiful and functional option.
  • Stain Resistant
    Heirloom Wood Countertops resist common stains and spills such as red wine and mustard.
  • Sanitary and Food Safe
    Heirloom Wood Countertops are finished with an organic tung oil labeled by the manufacturer as food-safe when dry.