About Heirloom

Beautiful and Durable

Brings a timeless quality to the kitchen, bath or other setting, adding elegance and beauty to any décor.

Water Resistant

Superior tung oil technology locks out water for use around any type of sink.

Stain Resistant

Protective finish resists common stains and spills, Avoid bleach and ammonia.

Heat Resistant

Perfect around stoves. Use a trivet for hot pans. Resists boiling water and hot liquids.

Food Safe

Safe for food contact. Use a cutting board when chopping to prolong finish.

Renewable Surface

Easily refinish at home in 24 hours with a fresh application of oil every 4-5 years.

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How To Order

"I'm Ready to Turn my Dream into Reality"

Countertop Selection

Choose your countertop details such as wood species, distressing options, edge profile, and sink options.

Measure and Initial Design

Map out the dimensions of your countertop.


Your installation professional creates a template to insure the perfect fit.


Heirloom countertops manufactures the countertop to your exact specifications.


Your installation professional installs your new countertop.


“They always expect me to say, ‘Oh, no, wood is high maintenance.’ I would say that about wood, but not about [Heirloom]. The [low maintenance] finish always surprises people."


“Using wood in their kitchen provides a good mixture of textures. Often times, I work with customers who have granite in one part of the kitchen and then get wood for an island or something. Works out well to mix it up."


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